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TOPSTAR is the best Scara robot manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide accurate and high-speed Scara robots to global customers, and provide customized services.

Our SCARA robot can provide 3 kg and 20 kg payload capacity, as well as a reach and floor-standing design from 300 mm to 800 mm.

All TOPSTAR robots have undergone strict quality inspection and passed CE and other product certifications.

SCARA robots

TOPSTAR is a leader among Chinese scara robot manufacturers. Our scara robot adopts software motion control technology, high-precision real-time control kernel, open system architecture, robot control and vision terminal combined into one.

TOPSTAR is the manufacturer and supplier of scara robot arms. We also have articulated robot arms, Delta robots, welding robots and other industrial robots.

TS450-01-A Scara Robot
TS450-01-A Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 450mm
Rated load: 1KG
Max load: 3KG
TS650-03-A Scara Robot
TS650-03-A Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 650mm
Rated load: 3KG
Max load: 6KG
TR003-HP600 Scara Robot
TR003-HP600 Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 600mm
Rated load: 3KG
Max load: 6KG
TS850-05-A Scara Robot
TS850-05-A Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 850mm
Rated load: 5KG
Max load: 10KG
TR002-HP400 Scara Robot
TR002-HP400 Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 400mm
Rated load: 2KG
Max load: 4KG
TR002-HP400 Scara Robot
TR002-HP500 Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 500mm
Rated load: 2KG
Max load: 5KG
TR005-HP800 Scara Robot
TR005-HP800 Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 800mm
Rated load: 5KG
Max load: 10KG
R800-10-SR-E Scara Robot
R800-10-SR-E Scara Robot
Arm stroke: 800mm
Rated load: 10KG
Max load: 20KG
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High Precision

High repeatability down to 5 microns.

lightning scara robots

High Speed

Fast cycle times using advanced Epson motion technology.

Customer verification

Customer Verification

More than 300+ large and medium-sized customers have used verification, and the quality is very stable and reliable.

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Scara Robot: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to buy scara robot to grow your business, then this guide is for you.

It covers everything you need to know about scara robot, from working principles, classifications, robot qualifications, advantages, etc.

You will learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

Table of Contents

1. What is Scara Robot?

SCARA is a type of industrial robot. The acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm.

SCARA robots, also known as Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or joint robotic arm, which are one of the most common forms of industrial robots in today’s industrial field. SCARA robots are suitable for mechanical automation in many industrial fields, such as automatic assembly, painting, handling, welding and so on.


2. What is a SCARA robot used for?

SCARA robots are most commonly used for pick and place or assembly operations that require high speed and high precision. Generally, SCARA robots can run at higher speeds and have optional clean room specifications.

SCARA robot used

3. How a SCARA Robot works?

SCARA robot are four-axis robots, with motion in the X-Y and Z planes, and 360-degree rotational movement about the Z-axis. Inverse kinematics and data interpolation allow the robot to move dynamically, quickly, and intelligently.


4. What are the application areas of SCARA Robot?

SCARA Robots are very adaptable and almost every type of robot can be used for a variety of tasks. SCARA robot are no different but there are some tasks that they really excel at. Here are five of them:

· Small Assembly

The task that the SCARA robot was designed to do. High-speed assembly tasks, such as those in the electronics industry, are very common for SCARA robots. Their selective compliance means that they can perform insertions more easily than other types of robot, without having to use complex programming.

· Pick and Place

SCARA robot are often the quickest, cheapest robot for high-speed pick and place. Their speed is only beaten by Delta robots, but they are usually easier to install because they do not require the robot to be mounted above the workspace.

· Laser Engraving

SCARA robot drawing application
The high precision of SCARA robot means that they are also very well suited to laser engraving and drawing tasks. Over the last few years, several end effectors have come onto the market which allow you to add laser engraving capabilities to any small robot.

· 3D Printing

Another task which is becoming a rising star in the world of robotics is 3D printing. We’ve already seen a lot of applications where 6-axis robots are making it possible to print much bigger objects with 3D printing technology. SCARA robot are well suited to this new application on the smaller end of the scale.

. Soldering

SCARA robot are very popular in the electronics industry because they can be used for many of the core manufacturing tasks. One such task is soldering. With a suitable end effector, they can provide very consistent quality of solder and improve efficiency when compared to soldering by hand.

5. What are the advantages of SCARA Robot?

How can SCARAs benefit your business? SCARA robots are chosen because of these 4 main reasons:

· Speed

Generally, SCARA robots can complete tasks at higher speeds with optional cleanroom specifications. They are quicker compared to other industrial robots and you can operate them in different industrial environments.

· Repeatability

SCARAs also have the best performance among all types of robots when it comes to repeatability. High repeatability is important in assembly applications that require tolerances within a few microns. Examples are circuit board assembly tasks and moving needles into small grooves for dispensing.

· Accuracy

Aside from speed and repeatability, SCARAs offer excellent verticality and linearity that help them perform various tasks precisely at fast speeds. With the help of vision systems, they can execute identification, sorting, and inspection tasks smartly which helps in reducing defect rates to effectively deliver consistent quality.

· Small Footprint

Lastly, SCARA robots are designed for applications that require smaller operation fields where there is limited floor space. They have a compact layout so you can easily re-allocate them for other applications.

6. What is the price of Scara Robot?

SCARA robot has the characteristics of high speed and high stability.

This makes it extremely cost-effective in high-speed application scenarios.

Compared with delta robot, SCARA robot is cheaper and faster.

Both are suitable for high-speed application scenarios and automation companies that require high cost-effectiveness.

How much does the SCARA robot cost?

It depends on your choice of SCARA robot.

Brand, speed, payload, customized services, etc. affect the price of SCARA robots.

Generally speaking, the cost of a SCARA robot is about 5000-20000 US dollars.

If you need to plan the SCARA robot automated production line, then additional costs will be required.

7. What are the shortcomings of Scara Robot?

The disadvantages of scara robot are that the work envelope tends to be difficult to control, as well as restricted volume coverage.

‘Scara robot’ are tall, so they use a lot of headroom. Because they are headroom-intensive, scara robot cannot be used to load press machines or for insertion and retrieval applications.

8. Who are the manufacturers and suppliers of Scara Robot?

Scara Robot has many manufacturers and suppliers, and world-renowned brands include FANUC, ABB, Epson, etc.

TOPSTAR, as the leading Scara Robot manufacturer and supplier in China, we have very good technical advantages and cost-effectiveness

9. Where to buy Scara Robot?

Scara Robot is not a cheap product.

So you need to find a Scara Robot that suits you and is at the right price.

There are many brands of Scara Robot around the world.

As the leading brand of Chinese Scara Robot manufacturers, TOPSTAR is worthy of your choice.

You can leave your demand for Scara Robot through the website.

Our experts will provide you with detailed opinions.

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