8kg Load 6 Axis Industry Robot Arm R081-08-T

The Topstar R081-08-T industrial robot can be equipped with various fixtures and sensors, corresponding to high-precision assembly, inspection, grinding, polishing, handling and other industrial applications. Through high-speed, high-precision and precision movements, it reduces beats and significantly improves productivity.

It has the characteristics of super high speed, corrosion resistance, super stability, etc.

8kg load 6 axis industry robot arm r081-08-t has the highest protection level (IP67) among the robots of the same level. The overall protection level: IP67, adapts to harsh environments such as oil mist, dust, humidity, and high temperature.

Adopting the international first-class production system, the quality is as solid as a rock. It is especially suitable for applications with high work intensity, harsh environment, and high product accuracy and consistency requirements. Even 365 days x 24 hours continuous operation, the quality is still stable.

TOPSTAR is not only a manufacturer and supplier of 6 axis industrial robot arm, we also produce other industrial robots, such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, scara robots, etc.

TOPSTAR Industrial Robot Catalog
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