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Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. Topstar, stock code: 300607) is the first listed core robot enterprise in Guangdong Province. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a registered capital of 266 million yuan.

TOPSTAR adheres to the corporate mission of “making industrial manufacturing better” and has long been committed to the innovation and application of industrial manufacturing automation. Through intelligent equipment with industrial robots, injection molding machines and CNC machine as the core, as well as controllers, servo drives, and vision system as three core technologies create an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technologies, and provide manufacturing enterprises with turnkey solutions for smart factories.

As of the end of 2020, reaching more than 150, 000 customers and serving more than 10, 000 customers. Relying on an accurate grasp of the market, a deep understanding of the industry, and high-quality customer resources accumulated over the years, the company has established a good brand image in the industry and has a relatively prominent competitive advantage.

TOPSTAR is a China high-tech enterprise. It has established the Guangdong Key Laboratory of 3C Intelligent Robots and Flexible Manufacturing Enterprises, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Industrial Robots and Intelligent Equipment Driving and Control Integrated System and Application Technology, Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, Doctoral Workstation of Guangdong Province. As of February 2021, the company has 498 authorized patents, including 20 invention patents and 66 software copyrights. Many of the company′s products have been awarded Guangdong Famous Brand Products, Guangdong High-tech Products, and have passed CE certificate. In 2018, Topstar won the “Dongguan Municipal Government Quality Award”. In 2019, the tax payment exceeded 100 million for the first time, and awarded the “2019 Dongguan City Benefit Contribution Award” and the “2019 Dongguan City Scale Efficiency Growth Ranking Top 20 Industrial Enterprises”. In 2020, Topstar won the” “Dongguan Advanced Collective” and other honors.

TOPSTAR experts

TOPSTAR R&D Center focuses on vision, servo, control technology and product development in the field of industrial robot automation. The core members of the technology and management team have many years of experience in well-known companies in the industry and have rich theoretical and practical experience. As of December 2020 On 31st, the company had a total of 880 R&D personnel, of whom more than 40% had a master’s degree or above engaged in core technology research, and more than 95% had a bachelor’s degree or above, and most of them graduated from 211/985 colleges and universities. The three main directions of vision, servo and control are led by chief technical experts with doctorate degrees, and continue to conduct core technology research and product development.

The R&D center scientifically manages R&D projects with the IPD process. Under the guidance of the team values ​​of must-reach, extreme, innovation, and collaboration, it continues to strengthen its R&D capabilities, continuously launches independent products with market competitiveness, and becomes a company driven by channels and technologies. An important round of strategy.

As of June 2021, Topstar has 464 authorized patents, including 26 invention patents; 69 various software copyrights. Many of the company’s products have won Guangdong Famous Brand Products, Guangdong High-tech Products, and have passed European CE certification.

R&D team experts


Ji Shoulong

Graduated from Jilin University
He used to work for Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and successively served in Huawei 2012 Lab, Huawei IT product line and other departments.

He is currently the general manager of Topstar R&D center, responsible for the daily operation and management of the R&D center.
Ji Shoulong​

Ji Shoulong

Master of Shanghai Jiaotong University
Worked at Foxconn; good at motion control and machine vision, with more than ten years of experience in R&D, team building and management in the robotic automation industry.

He is currently the deputy general manager of Topstar R&D Center, leading the team in the research and development of robot control and vision systems.
Wang Zhicheng​

Wang Zhicheng

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology Ph.D.
Served as the head of the Servo Department of the Shenyang Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and the head of the Intelligent Equipment Department of Shenyang Fengchi Technology Co., Ltd.

He is currently the chief servo technology expert of Topstar, responsible for servo-related technology research, product planning and development.
Zhang Xiaohui​

Zhang Xiaohui

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology Ph.D.
Good at designing the hardware and software structure of motion controllers for digital control systems, as well as the research and development of high-speed and high-precision motion control algorithms.

He is currently the chief control technology expert of TOPSTAR, responsible for the overall planning, research and development and productization of the motion control platform. He is currently the deputy general manager of Topstar R&D Center, leading the team in the research and development of robot control and vision systems.
Tan Yongchang​

Tan Yongchang

Ph.D., University of Michigan
Previously worked as a computer-aided engineering analyst for Ford Motor Company's V engine engineering; Foxconn's automated robotics division software department manager.

He is currently the chief control technology expert of Topstar, responsible for the research of kinematics algorithm, robot offline programming and simulation software technology package.
Zhao Lei​

Zhao Lei

Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology Ph.D.
Good at the research and development of robot kinematics, dynamics and advanced control algorithms.

The current senior R&D engineer of Topstar, responsible for the development of robot motion and control algorithms.

Du Sheng

PhD, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The research direction is the direction of intelligent robots. He has participated in the national key research and development plan and independently completed most of the project indicators.

Joined Topstar in 2021, responsible for the development and optimization of servo control algorithms.
Zheng Cunyuan​

Zheng Cunyuan

Master's degree, Columbia University, U.S.
Tau Beta Pi is a member of the American Engineering Honor Society, a member of the ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and a PE professional engineer.

Specializes in the design characterization of complex mechanical systems, mainly involving the development of algorithms and structures related to structural vibration and dynamics, as well as the development experience of monitoring and predicting mechanical operating conditions based on data.

The current product manager of Topstar Robotics, responsible for robot product planning and operation management.


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