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TOPSTAR is a manufacturer of high-quality CNC machine tools, injection molding machines, industrial robots, and injection robots in China. We are a leader in China’s intelligent manufacturing equipment. We have been listed on the China Growth Enterprise Market with the stock code 300607. TOPSTAR machines are suitable for personal, educational, and corporate needs. You can choose standard CNC milling machines, injection molding machines, or customize your smart manufacturing equipment.

TOPSTAR’s best smart manufacturing equipment includes the following product lines, click below to learn more details about each series:

cnc milling machine
Best CNC Mill Machine Series
Injection Molding Machine Series
Injection molding machine series
best industrial robot
best industrial robot series


  • Intelligent Manufacturing Integrated Service Provider.
  • GEM listing / Serving 10000+ customers.
  • Registered capital 266 million / Over 2,500 employees.

Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. (abbr. Topstar, stock code: 300607) is the first listed core robot enterprise in Guangdong Province. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a registered capital of 266 million RMB.

TOPSTAR adheres to the corporate mission of “making industrial manufacturing better” and has long been committed to the innovation and application of industrial manufacturing automation. Through intelligent equipment with industrial robots, injection molding machines and CNC machine as the core, as well as controllers, servo drives, and vision system as three core technologies create an intelligent hardware platform driven by core technologies, and provide manufacturing enterprises with turnkey solutions for smart factories.Read More



Whether you need CNC milling machines, injection molding machines, industrial robots and injection robots, the equipment manufactured by TOPSTAR can provide you with the best protection. And for you to save labor costs and improve manufacturing efficiency. Take a look at some of our customer stories and get inspired!


Why choose TOPSTAR intelligent manufacturing equipment

What TOPSTAR customers say?

Since its establishment, TOPSTAR has been continuously exploring to provide high-quality intelligent equipment to customers around the world. The CNC milling machines, injection molding machines, and industrial robots we manufacture have won unanimous praise from foreign customers.

Eddison Arnold
Eddison Arnold
From United States
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I admit that I didn't expect much, but this CNC milling machine was a surprise. Its design is very good, with small details in mind. The packaging is very neat, without any omissions. Relatively easy to assemble-only basic skills are required. All necessary tools are also provided. The machine is accurate and quiet enough to be used in the living room. TOPSTAR responded very quickly.
Lachlan Webster
Lachlan Webster
From Australia
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My factory purchased 2 injection molding machines and they were in good condition when they arrived and had all the parts. The injection molding machine runs smoothly and has clear instructions for various functions. It is very interesting for novice agents, and has enough features to satisfy more experienced agents for a long time. We were impressed by the quality and ease of setup. The TOPSTAR injection molding machine meets all expectations.
From Ltaly
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We have been cooperating with TOPSTAR for many years. Starting from the purchase of the first industrial robot, we have successively purchased dozens of industrial robots. They have really helped us improve manufacturing efficiency and save labor costs. We must know that the workers in Italy are very expensive. TOPSTAR always surprises us, they are constantly updating their equipment.
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