Scara Robot 650mm Arm Length, 6kg Load TS650-03-A

TS650-03-A Scara Robot 650mm Arm Length, 6kg Load, features fast motion performance, light weight and compact mounting conditions. The small and refined size is suitable for the automation of various processes, and its advantages are particularly obvious in a limited production space.

Software motion control technology

Directly use ordinary industrial PC as the carrier, integrate the robot motion control algorithm into the robot control software, and no longer use the motion control card or controller as the motion control intermediary, which reduces the cost and has better scalability.

High-precision real-time control core

Using the RTX of the United States Interval Zero as the real-time difference compensation core, the stability and efficiency of the motion control difference compensation cycle are ensured, and the servo operation is more stable and reliable.

Open system architecture

According to different industries and customer requirements, we can customize specific processing technology and add control man-machine interface to better serve customers, reduce the difficulty of use, and improve production efficiency.

Robot control and vision terminal combined into one

Integrated vision positioning and measurement functions, the robot controller and the image processing controller are integrated on one controller. Users can choose vision components that meet specific performance according to their needs, without the need to configure a separate vision controller, which reduces costs, improves processing efficiency, and reduces data risks in the data transmission process.


Application industry: SCARA robots are widely used in 3C, plastic industry, automobile industry, electronic product industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry.

Application process: parts handling and assembly work, product inspection, etc.

Application products: loading and unloading of mobile phone glass, food inspection.

Achieved the effect: can quickly and efficiently complete the handling of workpieces and products.

Improvement content: The mechanical design is compact and exquisite, lightweight, high-precision, easy to install, deploy and program.

TOPSTAR is not only the manufacturer and supplier of Scara Robot, we also manufacture industrial robots such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, etc.

TS650-03-A Scara Robot Catalog
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