Scara Robot 800mm Arm Length, 20kg Load R800-10-SR-E

R800-10-SR-E Scara Robot 800mm Arm Length, 20kg Load features fast motion performance, light weight and compact mounting conditions. The small and refined size is suitable for the automation of various processes, and its advantages are particularly obvious in a limited production space.

R800-10-SR-E Scara Robot is the latest E series fully self-research intelligent four-axis SCARA robot launched by Topstar. With a unique innovative design, equipped with fast and accurate drive control system, standard cycle time 0.5S, repeat positioning accuracy 0.025mm. with vision, to achieve rapid automatic robot calibration, with strong ease of use.

The robot can be widely used in loading and unloading, precision assembly, fast handling, inspection, gluing, sorting and other application scenarios.

TOPSTAR is not only the manufacturer and supplier of Scara Robot, we also manufacture industrial robots such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, etc.

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