60kg Load 6 Axis Industry Robot Arm R200-60-4-E

TOPSTAR 60kg load 6 axis industry robot arm r200-60-4-e has a maximum load of 60KG and a wingspan of 2000mm. It can realize reliable, fast, accurate and continuous transportation function. It has the advantages of low maintenance cost, long service life, and multiple production lines can be palletized at the same time. It is an advantageous choice for the chemical industry, food, food and other industries. Compared with a six-axis robot, it is cheaper and more practical.

Category: Four-axis industrial robot
Model: Topstar R200-60-4-E
Accuracy: Repeat positioning accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.2mm
Purpose: Used in application scenarios such as handling, loading and unloading

TOPSTAR is not only a manufacturer and supplier of 6 axis industrial robot arm, we also produce other industrial robots, such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, scara robots, etc.

TOPSTAR Industrial Robot Catalog
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