100kg Load Handling or Loading Robot R350-100-DW-E

TOPSTAR 100kg Load Handling or Loading Robot R350-100-DW-E
The maximum load is 100KG, and the arm span is 3500mm. It has a unique range of motion, greatly expands the application space, and has a wide range of downwards. It is suitable for injection molding machines above 2800T.

Category: 6 axis industrial robot
Model: R350-100-DW-E
Accuracy: Repeat positioning accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.2mm
Purpose: Used in application scenarios such as handling, loading and unloading

TOPSTAR is not only a manufacturer and supplier of 6 axis industrial robot arm, we also produce other industrial robots, such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, scara robots, etc.

TOPSTAR Industrial Robot Catalog
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