HEW-80 Injection Molding Machine Robot

TOPSTAR HDW-80 Injection Molding Machine Robot has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, cost reduction and high safety. It is suitable for various horizontal injection molding machines with a clamping force of 100 to 220 tons.

Application industry: Manipulators can be used in injection molding industry, extrusion industry, medical industry (medical plastics and even metal products), food industry (various fast food boxes), optical industry (plastic optical products), electronics industry (plastic housing of electronic products), Automotive industry (car bumpers), laser industry, etc.

Application process: The inserts are embedded in the front part of the product forming and the fetching and placing, placing and boxing after the forming is completed.

Achieved effect: suitable for various types of horizontal injection molding machines of 100 to 220 tons, applied to finished products and nozzle removal with high appearance and precision requirements, or in-mold inlay, in-mold cutting, in-mold labeling, palletizing, etc. Complex applications.

Injection Molding Machine Robot Catalog PDF
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