20kg Load 6 Axis Industry Robot Arm R172-20-CQ

TOPSTAR 20kg load 6 axis industry robot arm R172-20-CQ has the following advantages.

Top performance
It has extremely high position repeatability and trajectory repeatability: the position repeatability and the track repeatability are within 0.04 mm; it is suitable for handling, palletizing, laser cutting, polishing and other applications.

Industry Application
Handling, palletizing, grinding, laser cutting.

Rich functions
Rich application software package selection system, such as laser cutting application package, handling and palletizing application package and polishing application package, can realize various application integration. Abundant robot command system to ensure high-precision action and timing control.

High security
The independent dual-circuit safety board design can ensure the safe operation of the system. The special power supply board design provides the necessary guarantee for the safe shutdown of the system. Supports the World Zone protection zone function, which makes the robot safer in applications such as punching machine loading and unloading applications and multi-robot collaborative applications.

TOPSTAR is not only a manufacturer and supplier of 6 axis industrial robot arm, we also produce other industrial robots, such as delta robots, articulated robot arms, welding robots, scara robots, etc.

TOPSTAR Industrial Robot Catalog
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