best Delta robot in China

TOPSTAR is the leading Delta robot manufacturer in China. Whether you use it for picking or packaging, it can meet your needs. Our Delta robot has the characteristics of high efficiency and high stability.
TOPSTAR is not only a supplier of Delta robots, we also manufacture articulated robot arms and SCARA robots. You can visit their page for more information.

delta robot

Delta robots

TOPSTAR is the best Delta robot manufacturer in China.
Industrial robots are our core products. We have been developing and manufacturing industrial robots since the establishment. At present, we have a series of parallel robots, four-axis industrial robots, and 6-axis industrial robots. There are multiple models to choose from in the industrial robot series.

Topstar No. 1 TR008-PP1200 robot
TR008-PP1200 Delta Robot
Arm stroke: 1200×350mm
Rated load: 8KG
Max load: 15KG
Topstar P060J-03-H robot
P060J-03-H Delta Robot
Arm stroke: 600×250mm
Rated load: 3KG
Max load: 5KG
Topstar P060J-03-H robot
P080J-03-H Delta Robot
Arm stroke: 800×250mm
Rated load: 3KG
Max load: 5KG
Topstar P060J-03-H robot
P100J-03-H Delta Robot
Arm stroke: 1000×250mm
Rated load: 3KG
Max load: 5KG

TOPSTAR Delta Robot video

Delta Robot: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to buy Delta robot to grow your business, then this guide is for you.

It covers everything you need to know about Delta robot, from working principles, classifications, robot qualifications, advantages, etc.

You will learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

Table of Contents

1. What is a Delta robot?

A Delta robot is a type of parallel robot that consists of three arms connected to universal joints at the base.

The key design feature is the use of parallelograms in the arms, which maintains the orientation of the end effector, by contrast to Stewart platform that can change the orientation of its end effector.

Delta robot
Delta robot

2. what is the delta robot used for?

Delta robots are mainly used in applications where the robot is picking products in groups and placing them in a container or in an assembly pattern. Added vision technologies allow Deltas to distinguish and select different size, color, or shape options and pick and place based on a programmed pattern.

3. How does the Delta robot work?

Three high-torque servomotors are mounted on a rigid frame. On each motor shaft, an arm is mounted perpendicular to the shaft’s rotational axis.

Some robots use direct drive, in which the arm is mounted directly on the shaft, and some use a gearbox. These “Bicep” arms are connected to lightweight linking rods arranged in parallelograms to restrict twisting motion. These arms are connected to a central platform.

The joints at both ends of each parallel rod move freely, typically in ball joints. At the lower platform, the end effector may be attached, as well as several other options including motors for additional axes of freedom. Most delta robots have, at least, a fourth axis, enabling objects to be rotated.

4. How many axes does a delta robot have?

The TOPSTAR Delta robot is available in 3, 4 or 6 axes and is specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility for high-speed picking and packaging operations.

Its unique parallel link structure and very large working range make it an ideal choice for demanding automation applications in a series of industries such as food, pharmaceutical and electronics.

5. How much does a delta robot cost?

There are differences in the price of Delta robot between different brands.

Usually the price of a Delta robot is $5,000-$8,000, depending on the components and controller package.

6. How many degrees of freedom does a delta robot have?

The Delta Robot has 4-degrees-of-freedom (dof), 3-dof for XYZ translation, plus a fourth inner leg to control a single rotational freedom at the end-effector platform (about the axis perpendicular to the platform).

7. What are the advantages of Delta robot?

Delta robots allow for much higher productivity rates due to their increased speed and throughput.

Delta robots can process up to 3 parts per second or 180 parts per minute, significantly increasing throughput.Higher throughput allows for more products to be manufactured.

8. What are the application areas of Delta robots?

Delta robots are designed to move at high speeds and perform repetitive tasks quickly and consistently.

These robots can replace the manual process of picking, sorting and placing more than 100 parts per minute.

The Delta robot is not only used to improve the consistency and quality of the process in which repetitive motions ultimately lead to mental fatigue of employees, but also eliminates the problem of repetitive motion injuries.

Due to its exquisite functions, this Delta robot is as dexterous as a human hand, but more stable. Delta robots are commonly used in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and electronics.

delta robot applications
delta robot applications

9. Where can I buy a Delta robot

Delta robot is not a cheap product.

So you need to find a Delta robot that suits you and is at the right price.

There are many brands of Delta robot the world.

As the leading brand of Chinese Delta robot manufacturers, TOPSTAR is worthy of your choice.

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